Own Blowing Production

Own Blowing Production

We have our own blowing production with skilled glassblowers, who produce high quality products according to the international standard.  We offer also on-side products to support our customers with their special inquires.  We use only SIMAX and DURAN tubes as semi-products to guarantee only the production of the highest quality.



We stock more than 5000 “living” items in two warehouses, 3000 sqm together, 1.000.000 EUR approx., from about 25 suppliers (Czech Republic, India, EU ..)

We added this summer next 800 sqm after the warehouse re-construction.

All items are marked by the bar codes to avoid the mistakes during the goods reception and deliveries.

About us

Tradition of one of the strongest companies

Tradition of one of the strongest companies

VTR Glass s.r.o. came into being as a result of a split-up of Vitrum Praha s.r.o., your well-established supplier of laboratory equipment, glassware and porcelain in particular. This way we continue the tradition of one of the strongest companies in the field with all-European, or today rather worldwide operation.

Strong and long-lasting relationships

Strong and long-lasting relationships

Our company policy is to build strong and long-lasting relationships with our suppliers and customers, to be a correct and realiable supplier with short delivery times and stable prices, wide range of products, namely laboratory glassware and porcelain, with the background formed by our subsidiary production company and strong producers – our suppliers.

Team Of Professionals

Team Of Professionals

Our team of professionals in glassware with the support of our suppliers and our subsidiary production company Glassco CZ is ready to provide the best conditions for our long-lasting and mutually advatageous collaboration.

Our trade system is ISO certified from the same beginning of our activity. We are the transparent company with clear rules.

Over 50 countries

Over 50 countries

We have been exporting laboratory glassware and porcelain to almost 50 countries around the world. We are for many of our customers and suppliers a very important partner. Our target is to support our customers with a big stock and wide assortment.

Company Info

Dear Customers and Suppliers,

We would like to inform you our warehouse is closed from 16 December, 2019 because of the stock inventory.
It means we can work on your orders just till 13 December, and prepared goods can be shipped till Thursday 19 December, 2019. In the mentioned week from 16 till 20 December we are not able to do any reception to our warehouse. Be sending us your goods with respect of this fact, please.
For this reason, send us your orders, which should be delivered in 2019, as soon as possible, please. Our whole company will be closed from 23 December, 2019 till 5 January, 2020.


Thanks for your favor in 2019 looking forward to co-operating with you in 2020.


Miroslav Steflicek, CEO

VTR Glass, s.r.o.


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